June 27, 2013

TGIF!!!  yet another week almost finished and today is cool(70's), breezey, birds singing, sun shining, white billowy cumulus clouds against the perfect blue sky...  what more could one ask for??!!!

my blinds are hung...with the possibility of Lowe's ordering me a replacement for the defective one... i love them!  my plants in pots will get a break from the burning hot afternoon southwestern sun that parches them each day!  next year i may be able to pot up some 'shade' plants that i've  missed over these last 3 years!!

my Wriggly is napping across the deck in a wicker chair...

another load of laundry in...another drip'd cuppa java!!  DH is resting after a stressful morning for him... pain and anxiety sometimes overwhelms him.   hoping he will wake refreshed.

as i posted on facebook, i'm dealing with some 'dear' who think it's all right to eat my daylilies during the night!!  NOT!!!   i put plastic grocery sacks over most of them last night in the dark (after 10pm) with a flashlight and my Wriggly leashed and reluctantly following me around the berms!  my yard looked comical this morning for early morning comuters driving to work with all these white plastic bags all over!!  wriggly & i ran down the neighbor's sidewalk to catch a bag that was bouncing along in the breeze!!   i regret i did not think to take a pic of this... another morning i will since i might have to do this repeatedly until my 'dear' get the message loud & clear from this gardener:  DO NOT EAT OUT OF MY GARDEN!!!  as i was working last night, i heard a SNORT in front of me... but could not see the 'dear'!!   so i know he/she was ready for a midnight snack!!  our backyard is the Hickory Hill Park so 'dear' are always a few steps away...

i am considering, with the help of Patti from St.Mary's, where i attend mass, to invite Regina students in her SMART group to join our Prayer Shawl Ministry to learn to knit/crochet for charity.  our first invite will be in the next SMART newsletter she sends out for July!  we will start with baby hats so it isn't a long, drawn-out project before completion.  hopefully we can donate them to Mercy Hospital as newborn babies always need hats. then, if there is continued interest, we could try baby blankies (25" square) for St.Mary's baptism families, or actual prayer shawls which would be the largest item.

i started the prayer shawl ministry a year ago in May and many have been distributed to those in need of prayer and/or comfort!  i am so pleased to hear the appreciative comments thru Sister Agnes from the recipients and/or their families.  also some of the knitters/crocheters have expressed their appreciation for someone to start this ministry.  they have wondered why it hadn't been started years ago!

i am going to deliver a cotton prayer shawl to Jeannette F.  this afternoon who came to our initial startup meeting, but could not knit due to macular degeneration in her eyes.  the name of the pattern i knit was Mystery of the Trinity.  it's a lace design with 3 columns of lace (reflecting the 'trinity' symbolism).  she has told me she is always cold (probably from all the cancer meds she is also dealing with) so i hope this will help.

if this weather continues this nice today, my DH is planning to go to Ethan's jv baseball game with his daughter, Teresa.  i would go, but i think it's good for him to have some alone time with his daughter without me tagging along always.  they can talk about whatever they like without me.  i think that's important. sometimes i'm sure i stress him unknowingly.

i almost forgot...   http://countingyourblessings.blogspot.com/2013/01/lovely-blogs-2013-collection.html    i joined this blog link and hope to start reading more blogs as i'm a little worn out by facebook...
i don't know if my blog qualifies as 'lovely' but i joined!  someone will have to inform me if i don't!! 

so that's it for today... my deck shades are billowing with the wind blowing thru the mesh 'fabric' but the tie-downs are wonderful!!

May God Bless all who read here...


June 24, 2013

Jesus Calling: Ordinary Olive Trees: "A trusting response includes Me in your thoughts as you consider strategies to deal with a situation. Gently bring your attention back...

from a new blog i found:  Jesus Calling after the book of the same name by Sarah Young. this i found from my good friend, Brenda @ It's a Beautiful Life.

"A trusting response includes Me in your thoughts as you consider strategies to deal with a situation. Gently bring your attention back to Me, whenever it wanders away. I look for persistence- rather than perfection- in your walk with Me."(182)

i am NOT a perfectionist!  i do try to be persistant in my daily prayer to God...thanking Him for what i have, thinking of others' needs, making & creating something to comfort another, and trying to be patient of those in pain...  but not to let another abuse me verbally.  afterall, i am human and have feelings too.  i try to do my very best each day... some days go without a hitch while others have ruts and roadblocks in every direction i attempt to travel! 

our God above gave us a DRINK this morning...  his earth was slowly parching from thirst.  it was beautiful...first the dark clouds blanketed the view...shards of lightning lit up the sky and finally he released his nourishing water for us to relish...  nice, even, steady, soaking droplets blurring the view for a time.  so peaceful early this morning!  and now, a break.  a little wind moving the trees in hickory hill park in my backyard...  i am sitting on my deck at tree-top level!!  tinted shades of green everywhere... 

my knitting resting a while...

while my Wriggly rests beside me...

God Bless...


YIKES!!! June 22, 2013

yikes!  it's been so long since i wrote here... i apologize!

 i have been knitting like a 'crazy woman' it seems!  just the last two days i knit 2 little sun hats for my son-in-law Chris' sister's little Sophia!!  she is so cute!  the first one was pink acrylic, 2nd natural cotton.  the 2nd one had a leaf design on the crown, but the brim was so hard on my hands!  knitting cotton with size 2 circulars was like someone's tighter than tight knitting that i didn't recognize!! it turned out cute, but i forgot to get pics of either of them, so i hope Sophia's mom will send me a pic of her wearing them.  at least it will help keep the sun off her a little this summer.  plus, they live in Arizona where the sun shines all the time!!

baseball season for E & E is winding down. (ethan & evan)    one more week... g'pa terry has found he is not as tolerant of sun & heat this summer... had a few heat exhaustion episodes!  i don't tolerate heat/humidity well at all, so haven't gone to as many games as g'pa!!

the other 4 g'kids just spent last week in Florida visiting their Mimi & John.  i'm sure they were very busy!  henry stayed another week...

i found a prayer shawl pattern called 'mystery of the trinity' that has 3 lace sections in it.  follows the symbolism of the number 3 ... and i like to knit it in cotton!  it looks like a summer shawl.  i have one done that i want to give to J.Fitzpatrick who has recurring bouts with cancer and has macular degeneration so she can't see to knit herself.  i just talked to her this morning and she commented on how cold she is all the time... even in 95degree temps (in Texas when visiting her kids).  so i'm glad to be able to give her one.  she cannot tolerate acrylic yarn so this cotton one should work nicely for her.

also am making the same pattern in dark pink cotton for another lady at St.Mary's who's had a stroke.  she really dresses up for church and always wears a hat!! her husband has lost the lower half of his left arm.  she holds onto him to walk.  they are such an inspiration when i see them!  i asked him last Sunday as we were leaving Mass what color was his wife's favorite.  he didn't say, so hopefully this pink one will be good!  she wears all colors!

last Sat i was sitting on our driveway at 6am starting to groom my wriggly!!  she is pretty cooperative in this process!!  i never get it all perfect, but since Miss W is a 'tom-boy' dog, she will have her combed hair messy before i can put the clippers away!!  she loves to roll around on the carpet, floor... messy hair everyday!!!

i got a camera card so i can take more pics now.  will post some soon...

ok, back to the pink 'trinity'...

^)^ hawknitr13

BAD day: June 8, 2013

i can't write anything today because it has been a horribly bad day...close to tears type. see you soon...

God Bless Me, please Lord!
^)^ linda

June 7, 2013

good morning!

wriggly woke me at 5:40 this morning!  she jumps up on the bed, from her little bed on the floor beside me, and kisses me on my face every morning.  so cute!  then, either waits to have her tummy rubbed or sits on the floor patiently for about 2 seconds before beginning that low growl saying "get outta bed, g'ma!  it's morning & time to get up!"  so i climb out of bed, head for the 'loo room' and find a sweater to put on over my 'jams as the mornings are still chilly & damp!  it's JUNE and unseasonably cool & wet!  she lays on the cool tile floor while i make my first cuppa java, sit on the sofa and get my laptop opened up for the morning!  check my email, facebook and, now, here to put some thoughts in writing!  i love to type!  all those years of playing clarinet...i need to keep my fingers flexible!!

so this is my morning routine!  i'm thinking this blog will be a kind of private place where i can express my very simple style of language.  i'm not well read so do not possess a huge library of words.  i'm not an eloquent writer.  my thoughts are simple...as in St.Francis of Assisi's lifestyle.  my wriggly usually curls up on the other end of the sofa, which is only a 2-cushion love seat, while i'm 'lappin' here.  she is SO soft!  topknot on her head makes her look feminine!  she is a little 'busy-body'... always follows me in the house & does circles around g'pa's feet when he gets up from his recliner to go anywhere!!  g'pa says she is so attached to me she whines when i'm gone!  and BEG for treats??  she DOES beg!! but in such a cute way with her doggy voice that i am unable to not give in!   she LOVES veggies!!  except lettuce.  baby carrots, apples, red seedless grapes, dried cranberries, bananas, cooked rice, pea pods, sweet potatoes & chicken nuggets!  Beneful has veggies in it so more is good!!  i'm trying to keep her weight manageable and healthy!

wriggly has a few quirky behaviors...   she just went into the MB bath and came back dragging my tshirt & capris i wore yesterday to the great room in left them in front of me on the carpet!!  then lays down & goes back to sleep!  this is a regular occurrence!   is she telling me to get dressed and ready to take her out??  i think not when she is fast asleep again!

another 'habit' is grabbing the (bib)towel g'pa wears when eating in his recliner and checking it for food 'drops' at every mealtime!!  he gets nervous eating when she sits on the floor in front of him, waiting patiently for a 'handout'!!  she tends to jump up on his lap unexpectedly fast sometimes and causes some discomfort (you know where!)

but she is a great companion!  getting more well behaved every week!  LOVEs  people, a little wary of other dogs.  KNOWS that the UICCU bank teller always has a treat for her!! and loved the HyVee pharmacy drive-up tellers too!

YIKES!!!!  terry fell in the bedroom this morning trying to reach down to get his slipper from Wriggly... his sense of balance is fragile since being diagnosed with Parkinson's. i don't think he broke anything, but i'm sure he is sore!!  not going to Mass today... he is resting(sleeping) right now,  but i am going to knit with my best friend, Cindy during her lunch hour.  i want to show her the blue cotton baby blankie i just finished yesterday and the natural cotton Mystery of the Trinity prayer shawl i'm making for Jeannette, who came to my 1st meeting last May but can't knit due to Macular Degeneration in her eyes. she has recurring 'bouts of cancer ... but she is always in a pleasant, cheerful disposition whenever i see her in church!

i've decided to do this blog as my daily journal and draft it until evening when i'll post it.
i even figured out how to add a signature in a different font!

terry wants to go to Ethan's db-header tonight @ Regina (5:30).  he went last night to the varsity game and it rained suddenly!!  to be expected with the dark skies above but it was so sudden!!  got drenched before he got to the car... Evan was helping him with a huge umbrella!!!  thanks ev!!

good night and
God Bless ...

June 6, 2013

Last night I had a great time with one of St.Mary's parishioners, Rosemary, getting to know her while helping her get started on a knitted prayer shawl!!   She did great multi-tasking...talking and knitting at the same time!   I think she will enjoy taking it with her to KIP (Knit in Public) whenever she has some time to wait for her son, etc.  She is married to Mark, who went to Prairie when I started teaching band there.  He then worked at West Music (Coralville) repairing woodwind instruments so I saw him on a fairly regular basis since I lived in Coralville too.  Rosemary works at the UI Dental School.  I am so blessed that another friend is joining my prayer shawl ministry... giving from the heart!

God Bless...
^)^ linda

now, where are my 'sticks' & 'string'??!!!

ps:  i'm trying various fonts so each post may be different!

June 5, 2013

Thus begins my summer of 2013 knitting.   This is the 1st full week of summer vacation for school kids… I wonder what they will be doing to fill their days.  I can’t say ‘hot, steamy day’s yet as we’re still having cooler than normal temps and continuing rain causing flooding statewide.  Lower City Park is under water as is Dubuque St. by the Mayflower Apts.  It will be another summer of tenseness, waiting, and cleanup like the Flood of ‘08 and ’93. 
     I have quietly celebrated 1 year of St. Mary’s Prayer Shawl Ministry! It passed quietly in May without any ‘hoopla’!  That’s ok, as I am a quiet, simple person who does not like to be the center of attention.  Behind the scenes is my comfort zone! I have received so much love, thanks, appreciation and  new friendships through this ministry that it has brought to light my love of God in wanting to help others.  What better way for me, an obsessive knitter, to occupy my retirement time??!!  It has been a ‘God-send’ to keep my hands busy creating!  Deep down, I am an artist, though not an obsessive perfectionist, who loves to make and give gifts of my handwork to others.  This, to me, is far more satisfying than my music teaching career of 33 years, although it sustained me through my earning years so I can enjoy this ministry now.  I like the concrete ‘thing’ I create now, a prayer shawl, baby blanket, baby sweater, socks, etc, to show for my creative time…not a musical event with sound that happens once and is gone (unless it has been video/taped).  Only memories remain from that fleeting moment in time and space.  And with time, some memories begin to fade in my mind. 
Thus, I am considering reviving my Simple Gifts blog and putting in more actual personal writings instead of just pics of prayer shawls.   Now I have something more to say.  I don’t know how many people will actually read it, but I need to be unafraid to express my feelings in the written word.  I have something to say.  Nothing political, critical, or complaining.   Only POSITIVES!!!   That’s really who I try to be.  I followed Dr. Robert Schuller of the Crystal Cathedral years ago and he made a great impression on me!  The Power of Positive Thinking!!
I’m working on 2 cotton knits right now:  a natural prayer shawl called ‘Mystery of the Trinity’ which I really love!  I plan to give it to a St.Mary’s church member who came to my start-up meeting but cannot knit due to recurring cancer and failing eyesight.  She is allergic to acrylic yarn so knitting our shawls was going to be a problem.  I want to give her this ‘trinity’ shawl because she has been so nice to me when I see/visit her at Mass. 
          The 2nd cotton is blue for a baby blanket for St.Mary’s Baptism classes. Sister Agnes wanted to be able to give the families a little gift so what better thing than a carseat-size blankie!! 

She has been passing on the accolades of both the prayer shawls and baptism blankies to me in an excited manner so I KNOW she appreciates our efforts!!  Some prayer shawl ladies have ‘never taken their shawl off’, ‘had their nails painted to match their shawl’, ‘been buried with their shawl’… those are so me of the precious thoughts and memories that I have forever in my heart of my love of knitting for others!!  How rewarding God has been to me to instill in me this desire to make and give to others to comfort them. 

I also have some new friends who have the same love of knitting!  My oldest (new) knitting friend, Cindy, has so many of the same character traits as me… maybe that’s why we love to get together to knit and catch up on each other’s lives each week.  Wed was our ‘knit today?’ day!!  Now, this summer it may be Fridays since a friend of ours is baking for Saturday Knitter’s Breakfasts this summer at our favorite knit shop, Home Ec Workshop!!   We have been friends for 5+ years… she found me on Ravelry!

I still remember when we met for the 1st time… I couldn’t find her office and was driving around downtown IC, which showed I didn’t know downtown that well!!  We went to the coffee shop on the corner of Linn/Market and got acquainted.  I value her friendship so much!!!

Ok, that could do for this 1st entry.  Will write again soon…
God Bless.
^)^ linda

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