new Samsung tablet -August 2013

I'm so glad I finally found my way to be able to post here! I'm liking my new Samsung tablet, although I can't type fast at all! But the speed is great, the pics are gorgeous a d it's lightweight!  

Here is my first Gallery pic of Wriggly!  I bought Wriggly's 'BONE' rug at the TOP of Monarch Pass...she's finally starting to kay on it...maybe more this winter!
Another pic of maybe my last blooming daylily that my 'dear' friends have not eaten for a midnight snack!

I also turned in a pink baby 'tulip lace' baptism blanket
 & a 'hawkeye' prayer shawl for a man for Father John to bless, knit on the 'mystery of the trinity'shawl, and vacuumed part of the downstairs while sorting through a few things for Goodwill and/or Regina's Fall Fun Festival garage sale!  I want to get rid of a lot of stuff that is simply taking up space and never used anymore!


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