FALL 2014

24  September   2014

OMG!!!  i haven't posted since spring/summer!!  my bad ;o

i have been busy knitting AND crocheting!  here are a few pics of baby blankets (tried some new patterns); hats for Shelter House (from last year's Iowa City tree huggers that were unrepairable and frog'd); a few crochetd squares for my front yard tree (irregular lengths of frog'd huggers); a blue strip prayer throw for my nephew who was recovering from a motorcycle accident this month...  more to come!!

August was the month i'd love to forget!!  we tried to go on a vacation to COLORADO but it was a 'bust'!!!  hubby was so sick by the time we got through the Rockies to Crested Butte that we left the next morning to return home!  i didn't even unpack!!  the staff at the check-in were most helpful, but we still had difficulty unlocking our condo in a downpour of rain!!  i guess we weren't meant to go on vacation this year.  
   so...no more trips to Colorado (no more NEBRASKA either!!!) or Mesa,AZ as we haven't been back there for several years since it is a 3-day travel for us.  we just cannot handle long road trips of driving anymore.  two of us now with bad backs...

i am enjoying this FALL weather and color change!!!  trees are starting to change to yellow, orange and red... i love it!!  the nights are cool and i sleep really well with the windows open (except for the traffic right outside my bedroom window!!).  

now is the time to think about knitting this year's tree huggers, put up St.Mary's huggers i made last year and carefully took down, and knit/crochet some more shawls and baby blankets for St.Mary's.  NEW season tv shows are starting this week!!!  yea!!!

i made a couple 3 doilies from red crochet thread... now to make some more for Christmas gifts???  i need to block some lace shawls i've made and stored in bags for several years... i want to wear them to church this fall!!  

my right hip/leg/back hurt so much that my dr. took xrays... i have 25% curvature of my lumbar 3rd-4th vertebrate, right above my nuts/bolts dr.Found put in in 1997.  it's so bad i can't find a sitting position that doesn't hurt!!  plus, i have TMJ... my jaw hurts and clicks like my hips do... went to my dentist for that...slow recovery for that!  and yesterday my right big toe bunion was red, swollen and hurt when i walked with my garden clogs on!!!  MY RIGHT SIDE IS FALLING APART!!!  appt with dr.Found on Oct 1.  can't come soon enuf!!

that's all folks!!!  

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