23 Jan 2014 ~ DEEP FREEZE again!!!

 yet another blast of artic temps from Siberia!! 
 most of USA is in a 'deep freeze' for several days!!  

a reminder of what Crested Butte, CO looks like in winter!!

my favorite winter birds... beautiful color!!

 my BKFF, Cindy, wants us to learn to 'arm knit'!!!
i'm ready for something new & 'messy'??!!!

miss knitting with Cindy...she still works... 

 always keep this in my daily thoughts, words & actions! 

 working on this pink lacey for my eyeDr, Sheri

 working on a pink version of this baby blanket for good friend, 
MaryEllenJ's  great, great granddaughter!

will need to make a baby blue one like this for my eyeDr ...

and, so it goes...
another day inside wintering the subzero temps
in Iowa City!!

Stay warm
God Bless!!!


16 Jan 2014 ~~ The Good Shepherd

Follow me...

I have started using my treadmill again... yesterday, without a tv or earbuds, 
I prayed the ROSARY while I walked!!!  

2014  Ford  Escape
Sunset Metallic

Thanks to my dear hubby, Terry, we will be driving this on Saturday!  We went to West Branch Ford this morning to test drive a blue one like this.  Oh, my!!  What a change from sitting low in a sedan all these years!!  We have loved our '12 Fusion, but find it too small for hauling Terry's walker.  As of now, we have the walker as our back-seat 'passenger' everyday!!  Loading into the back of this vehicle will be much easier with the power liftback!  The front seats sit higher than our Fusion, but not like a SUV or Truck where you have to step up...easier for Terry to get in/out.  The interior has more head-room and seems more spacious even though the entire vehicle has a shorter total frame length than our Fusion!! Then, of course, there is the updated electronic features...backup camera and visual screen on dash, dual front seat heat/cool controls, outside temp, etc, etc, etc.  It will be FUN for BOTH of us to learn to drive and enjoy this vehicle!!  I can't wait until Sat morning pickup/switch!!  Must clean out our Fusion and say 'goodbye'! 

Still working on my clients' 3 knit pieces...

My newest knitting student, Michelle L, has made progress on her scarf!  She mentioned knitting a few rows while waiting in Regina's car-line!!  YEA!!!

Also got reacquainted with a former band student's mother, Mary Pacha, on Facebook!  
It is truly a small world! 

Ethan had a great pic in the Press Citizen's sports section Wed highlighting one of his
 3-pt shots!!  He had 10pts... only other player in double digits besides Drew Cook!  One of his best shooting games ever!!!  I, we enjoy going to his games so much.  Now, his brother, Evan will be playing his first 8th gr game next Thursday!!  YEA!!

I also got some meds for my hip bursitis!!  It is already taking effect!  It is not hurting like it has for so long!  Got blood drawn this morning for annual screening.  I really enjoyed my appt with my Internist, Dr. Westermann Tues.  I hadn't seen her for almost 2 years!!  It was about time, don't you think??!!!

That's all for now...  GOD BLESS!!!

Regina Varsity Basketball 2014

Jan 14, 2014

tonight, yet another great opportunity to see our oldest grandson,
 in Regina Varsity basketball!!

Regina Varsity Basketball Team 2014

Ethan's 3-point shot!!! (#10)

Jan 13, 2014 'KNITTING lesson'

just a short post today...

7am:  7 test Health Screening from mobile van in NorthDodge HyVee parking lot!!

1. Echocardiogram
2. 12-lead electrocardiogram (EKG)
3. Arterial Stiffness Index (ASI)
4. Carotid Artery Ultrasound
5. Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Ultrasound
6. Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)
7. High-sensitivity CRP (hs-CRP) (high protein marker in heart)

Now, that's a LOT of tests in 45 minutes!!  Cost, but not out-of-sight!  Bus was from Texas...some staff were from Georgia & all over.  I will get written report and CD disc plus my UIHC internist will receive report.  You ask why??  I wanted a baseline of health info now that I'm 62.

    I feel better knowing that ...
    my heart is beating 
      my blood is red!!

Next on my schedule was a trip to JoAnn's to meet a parent who volunteers with me at Regina Elem computer lab to buy yarn and needles so she could learn to knit!  The knitting lesson actually occurred at 1st Ave JavaHouse.  She bought me a AmericanGothic for teaching her to knit!  She's my kind 'a friend!!  Java & Knitting!!   She videotaped me knitting so she could watch it later at home if she forgot how to do it!  By the time we parted, she had knit several rows...getting used to holding the yarn in her right hand for controlling the tension, learning the garter (knit every row) stitch and turning (switching needles) for the next row.  

It was so much fun to visit with her.  We discussed her huge SUV and my wanting to get a Ford Escape Crossover when we trade next time from our Fusion which I have really enjoyed...all except loading/unloading Terry's walker into the back seat.  It doesn't fit in the Fusion trunk!  Also it is hard for him to get in/out of the passenger side.  The Escape is higher and you sit into it so easily!  It's higher than a car but not a step-up kind of SUV difficulty.  Also I want outside temp display on Sync hands-free phone, remote start if possible, all weather floor mats...no more carpet floor mats!! Heated seats would be a luxury, but I could live without that! The most important thing, besides ease for Terry to get in/out is the 'hatch-back' lift-up with straight-in loading for his walker!!  And the color:  Sunset Metallic  (burnt orange) to go with my orange/brown stone home!!! 


Then on to the computer lab!!!  Always something new every day I go... 3rd, 2nd, 1st & Ktg classes on a 6-day cycle schedule.  The teacher is so appreciative of her volunteer help! Always makes me feel really good for volunteering to help. 

Home to help Terry get logged onto Regina Gmail... that's done!! 
sorry, no pics!!
Now, to get some supper for us and treats for Wrigley!!! 


Jan 6, 2014

Memories of Crested Butte, CO

This snow engulfed log cabin brings back memories of my only trip to CO in the winter of '84.  There was so much snow we had to walk through tunnels on the sidewalks in town!  It was my first trip to that ski area and it was gorgeous!!  I put this pic on my laptop today since we are in a 'cold' snap just like the temps on that trip!  -17  this morning when I got up!  Wind chills unbelievable!  I went skiing by myself on the Mt... only one trip down since my lift ticket fell off my jacket zipper tab ;-(    But the view from atop Crested Butte Mountain was permanently fixed into the recesses of my memory!!!  Just a gorgeous site of snow-covered mountains as far as the eye could see!  I can still picture it!   Then... how to get down by myself... I was scared I would go out of control (speed-wise) and crash into a tree!  I looked like a little, scared baby up there!! But, here I am today, so I did get down ok!  The temps were so cold that diesel buses were freezing up at our motel!   Just as it is today... school canceled today and tomorrow due to severe wind chills!  Poor Wrigley limps back into the house after potty trips of only 1-2 minutes outside!  Then...
in front of the fireplace to warm up!!  She loves to look at the flame! and likes her 'bone' rug I gifted her from the top of Monarch Pass last summer!!  'Sweater' Santa watches over her!

                            More hat knitting for Shelter House in Iowa City...

   I am concerned with this cold spell... I cancelled St.Mary's Prayer Shawl Ministry this month.  I had a dr appt that conflicted, but was more concerned with my 'ladies' feeling they should attend when it is so cold.  I don't even like to go out to the garage to put my recycling items in the sacks/bins, so why would I want them to brave this cold.

   Terry & I are watching Florida State vs Auburn tonight... we're both for Auburn!! Just another great time to knit!!  I've watched almost every BOWL game this winter... lots of knitting!  Only negative today: I did not get on the treadmill.  But I did try out my new Ninja blender today!  Made my 1st smoothie:  apple-peanut butter!  I need to grocery shop for fruits & vegies!  I'm going to try to go Vegan (somewhat)... to make sure I get my plants!  I can do without meat!!  Don't miss it!  And Terry has given up most meat now too.  The chicken nuggets news was the crowning blow!!  Mystery meat?!!!

Well, I will end here and pick up my knitting once more!  Always have a baby Chalice blankie and hat on the needles!!  

Blessings to you!!!


Happy New Year 2014!!!

New Year's Resolutions...


* Pray to my GOD everyday

* Pray the ROSARY ~ go to MASS

* EXERCISE and eat healthy

* Support REGINA

* Revive my BLOG

* Be a SHINING LIGHT like the SUN

* Speak to people by NAME

* Build on my Prayer Shawl Ministry
Baptism CHALICE blankets (in white)

* Knit for CHARITY
baby hats to IC Mercy Hospital

hats to the IC Shelter

BLESSINGS to all in 2014!!

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