23 Jan 2014 ~ DEEP FREEZE again!!!

 yet another blast of artic temps from Siberia!! 
 most of USA is in a 'deep freeze' for several days!!  

a reminder of what Crested Butte, CO looks like in winter!!

my favorite winter birds... beautiful color!!

 my BKFF, Cindy, wants us to learn to 'arm knit'!!!
i'm ready for something new & 'messy'??!!!

miss knitting with Cindy...she still works... 

 always keep this in my daily thoughts, words & actions! 

 working on this pink lacey for my eyeDr, Sheri

 working on a pink version of this baby blanket for good friend, 
MaryEllenJ's  great, great granddaughter!

will need to make a baby blue one like this for my eyeDr ...

and, so it goes...
another day inside wintering the subzero temps
in Iowa City!!

Stay warm
God Bless!!!


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