16 Jan 2014 ~~ The Good Shepherd

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I have started using my treadmill again... yesterday, without a tv or earbuds, 
I prayed the ROSARY while I walked!!!  

2014  Ford  Escape
Sunset Metallic

Thanks to my dear hubby, Terry, we will be driving this on Saturday!  We went to West Branch Ford this morning to test drive a blue one like this.  Oh, my!!  What a change from sitting low in a sedan all these years!!  We have loved our '12 Fusion, but find it too small for hauling Terry's walker.  As of now, we have the walker as our back-seat 'passenger' everyday!!  Loading into the back of this vehicle will be much easier with the power liftback!  The front seats sit higher than our Fusion, but not like a SUV or Truck where you have to step up...easier for Terry to get in/out.  The interior has more head-room and seems more spacious even though the entire vehicle has a shorter total frame length than our Fusion!! Then, of course, there is the updated electronic features...backup camera and visual screen on dash, dual front seat heat/cool controls, outside temp, etc, etc, etc.  It will be FUN for BOTH of us to learn to drive and enjoy this vehicle!!  I can't wait until Sat morning pickup/switch!!  Must clean out our Fusion and say 'goodbye'! 

Still working on my clients' 3 knit pieces...

My newest knitting student, Michelle L, has made progress on her scarf!  She mentioned knitting a few rows while waiting in Regina's car-line!!  YEA!!!

Also got reacquainted with a former band student's mother, Mary Pacha, on Facebook!  
It is truly a small world! 

Ethan had a great pic in the Press Citizen's sports section Wed highlighting one of his
 3-pt shots!!  He had 10pts... only other player in double digits besides Drew Cook!  One of his best shooting games ever!!!  I, we enjoy going to his games so much.  Now, his brother, Evan will be playing his first 8th gr game next Thursday!!  YEA!!

I also got some meds for my hip bursitis!!  It is already taking effect!  It is not hurting like it has for so long!  Got blood drawn this morning for annual screening.  I really enjoyed my appt with my Internist, Dr. Westermann Tues.  I hadn't seen her for almost 2 years!!  It was about time, don't you think??!!!

That's all for now...  GOD BLESS!!!

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