20 Feb 2014 Going Home...

Poor Wrigley!!  she's been missing Gpa for over a week now!!  
ER admission to Mercy Hospital IC Feb 12,2014
2 days in ICU 
discharged from 5th floor tomorrow, Friday, 21 Feb 2014

severe chills at home, dizziness, falls
resulted in EuroSepsis from UTI,
low BP, high heartrate & shortness of breath
ER dr told him "you are a very ill man"

GREAT care @ Mercy Iowa City!!!

Thank you to these folks for taking time to visit Terry:
Father John Spiegel, Sister Agnes, 
Mercy Chaplains & Eurcharistic Ministers
J.Jensen, L.Iben, D.Volstedt


ps: Good Luck Evan in Regina 8th boys basketball @ WestBranch 4pm

ps:  Good Luck to Regina Varsity Boys Basketball tonight in 1st round of District Tournament
@ Regina 8pm
play your best Ethan 10!!!

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