28  October  2014


This is tree huggin' time in Iowa City!!  I have not yet stitched my 'leaves' on my assigned tree #185.  So will take pics when that is finished on Nov 2. I knit and crochet'd LEAVES that I stitched together.  They will be spiral'd around the trunk.  Theme:  falling leaves!!!

The tree huggers from last year were laundered by the city and sacked for possible repurposing.  I sorted them by size and repaired those I could.  Those were donated to Iowa City Shelter House this fall.  I received 2 thank you notes from the directors ( I presume).  The rest of the unrepairable huggers were frogg'd and wound by color.  I used that yarn to knit the above hats!!  Since the yarn was of varying lengths, I used the tied knots on the outside of the hats as a decorative elements.  There was not a specific design to where the knots appeared!!  If the recipient doesn't like the knots to show they can just poke them to the inside!!!  

I am typing this on my new Lenovo laptop that my hubby, Terry, let me purchase for my (early) Christmas present!!  I am slowly finding my way around Windows 8 and Lenovo.  I downloaded Google Chrome so have all my familiar mail, sites, etc.  It was nerve-racking until I saw familiar windows I am accustomed to using daily.  Also got Utube app ready for my knitting fix!!  I have used that a lot for learning new techniques...one of which was a crochet'd maple leaf!!!  Hotmail, Utube, Facebook and HP Printer hooked up...I'm ready to compute!!!  Oh, this is so much faster and nicer than my 10yr old Dell which has served me very well!!  Except I have nothing saved here ie: pictures, patterns, etc.  I will have to figure out how to reload my flash drives here.  I'm so used to having to use my mouse, I'm afraid of wearing out this touchpad!!  However, this screen is touchable on Windows 8!  Also got intel core i5 which is good!!   I want this laptop to last!!!

Hope to improve my typing again to use capital letters!!  Stylus tapping on my Samsung tablet required a lot of correcting...wrong letters if I wasn't hitting the letter absolutely perfectly!! 

OK, that's more than you wanted to know tonight!  
Good night and God Bless You for visiting me again!!


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