PT and Knit @ St.Mary's ~ July 11, 2013

Thomas sisters start at St.Mary's Prayer Shawl Ministry!!!

I am so pleased that we have the beginnings of a 'youth' group starting!!  Renee, Cecelia and Ruth Thomas (& mom, Ann) came to starting 'yarning' for the babies!!  Since they are knitting a baby hat for Mercy Hospital and crocheting two Baptism baby 'blankies'  i used the word 'yarning' (from one of the girl's stories about their little brother's comments!)  

Their mom was relaying their excitement to get started thru emails to me!  
There is nothing better than spending time doing something you love and enjoy with friends who feel as you do!  NEW friends!! 

and welcome to Cheryl who is new to this group, attending for the first time!

even with my BAD back, it feels much better today since i'm in a very delighted frame of mind!!  PT(physical therapy) in the morning so i can start feeling like i should do what i see needing to be done around the house/yard ... (WEEDS!!!)

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for giving me love of needlecrafts to share with others to give to others to comfort them!

GOD Bless ...


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  1. What a lovely gift you have... your love for needlecrafts and sharing what you create using your 'sticks and string' with so many in need of a comforting touch.

    It's true... whatever we put our hand to, if we do it with love in our hearts, becomes a tool He uses to bless the world.

    So glad our paths have crossed, dear Linda!


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