June 27, 2013

TGIF!!!  yet another week almost finished and today is cool(70's), breezey, birds singing, sun shining, white billowy cumulus clouds against the perfect blue sky...  what more could one ask for??!!!

my blinds are hung...with the possibility of Lowe's ordering me a replacement for the defective one... i love them!  my plants in pots will get a break from the burning hot afternoon southwestern sun that parches them each day!  next year i may be able to pot up some 'shade' plants that i've  missed over these last 3 years!!

my Wriggly is napping across the deck in a wicker chair...

another load of laundry in...another drip'd cuppa java!!  DH is resting after a stressful morning for him... pain and anxiety sometimes overwhelms him.   hoping he will wake refreshed.

as i posted on facebook, i'm dealing with some 'dear' who think it's all right to eat my daylilies during the night!!  NOT!!!   i put plastic grocery sacks over most of them last night in the dark (after 10pm) with a flashlight and my Wriggly leashed and reluctantly following me around the berms!  my yard looked comical this morning for early morning comuters driving to work with all these white plastic bags all over!!  wriggly & i ran down the neighbor's sidewalk to catch a bag that was bouncing along in the breeze!!   i regret i did not think to take a pic of this... another morning i will since i might have to do this repeatedly until my 'dear' get the message loud & clear from this gardener:  DO NOT EAT OUT OF MY GARDEN!!!  as i was working last night, i heard a SNORT in front of me... but could not see the 'dear'!!   so i know he/she was ready for a midnight snack!!  our backyard is the Hickory Hill Park so 'dear' are always a few steps away...

i am considering, with the help of Patti from St.Mary's, where i attend mass, to invite Regina students in her SMART group to join our Prayer Shawl Ministry to learn to knit/crochet for charity.  our first invite will be in the next SMART newsletter she sends out for July!  we will start with baby hats so it isn't a long, drawn-out project before completion.  hopefully we can donate them to Mercy Hospital as newborn babies always need hats. then, if there is continued interest, we could try baby blankies (25" square) for St.Mary's baptism families, or actual prayer shawls which would be the largest item.

i started the prayer shawl ministry a year ago in May and many have been distributed to those in need of prayer and/or comfort!  i am so pleased to hear the appreciative comments thru Sister Agnes from the recipients and/or their families.  also some of the knitters/crocheters have expressed their appreciation for someone to start this ministry.  they have wondered why it hadn't been started years ago!

i am going to deliver a cotton prayer shawl to Jeannette F.  this afternoon who came to our initial startup meeting, but could not knit due to macular degeneration in her eyes.  the name of the pattern i knit was Mystery of the Trinity.  it's a lace design with 3 columns of lace (reflecting the 'trinity' symbolism).  she has told me she is always cold (probably from all the cancer meds she is also dealing with) so i hope this will help.

if this weather continues this nice today, my DH is planning to go to Ethan's jv baseball game with his daughter, Teresa.  i would go, but i think it's good for him to have some alone time with his daughter without me tagging along always.  they can talk about whatever they like without me.  i think that's important. sometimes i'm sure i stress him unknowingly.

i almost forgot...   http://countingyourblessings.blogspot.com/2013/01/lovely-blogs-2013-collection.html    i joined this blog link and hope to start reading more blogs as i'm a little worn out by facebook...
i don't know if my blog qualifies as 'lovely' but i joined!  someone will have to inform me if i don't!! 

so that's it for today... my deck shades are billowing with the wind blowing thru the mesh 'fabric' but the tie-downs are wonderful!!

May God Bless all who read here...



  1. it would be nice to know how to knot and make things

    1. hi jennifer!
      thank you for stopping by. you must be an 'early riser' like me...my Wriggly wakes me every morning between 5 & 6am and expects me to get out of bed! otherwise she starts barking in the bedroom! so we are always up to hear the birds in our backyard 'park' (Hickory Hill Park). time to start my day with prayers, reading, java and some knitting!!
      God Bless...
      ^)^ linda


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