YIKES!!! June 22, 2013

yikes!  it's been so long since i wrote here... i apologize!

 i have been knitting like a 'crazy woman' it seems!  just the last two days i knit 2 little sun hats for my son-in-law Chris' sister's little Sophia!!  she is so cute!  the first one was pink acrylic, 2nd natural cotton.  the 2nd one had a leaf design on the crown, but the brim was so hard on my hands!  knitting cotton with size 2 circulars was like someone's tighter than tight knitting that i didn't recognize!! it turned out cute, but i forgot to get pics of either of them, so i hope Sophia's mom will send me a pic of her wearing them.  at least it will help keep the sun off her a little this summer.  plus, they live in Arizona where the sun shines all the time!!

baseball season for E & E is winding down. (ethan & evan)    one more week... g'pa terry has found he is not as tolerant of sun & heat this summer... had a few heat exhaustion episodes!  i don't tolerate heat/humidity well at all, so haven't gone to as many games as g'pa!!

the other 4 g'kids just spent last week in Florida visiting their Mimi & John.  i'm sure they were very busy!  henry stayed another week...

i found a prayer shawl pattern called 'mystery of the trinity' that has 3 lace sections in it.  follows the symbolism of the number 3 ... and i like to knit it in cotton!  it looks like a summer shawl.  i have one done that i want to give to J.Fitzpatrick who has recurring bouts with cancer and has macular degeneration so she can't see to knit herself.  i just talked to her this morning and she commented on how cold she is all the time... even in 95degree temps (in Texas when visiting her kids).  so i'm glad to be able to give her one.  she cannot tolerate acrylic yarn so this cotton one should work nicely for her.

also am making the same pattern in dark pink cotton for another lady at St.Mary's who's had a stroke.  she really dresses up for church and always wears a hat!! her husband has lost the lower half of his left arm.  she holds onto him to walk.  they are such an inspiration when i see them!  i asked him last Sunday as we were leaving Mass what color was his wife's favorite.  he didn't say, so hopefully this pink one will be good!  she wears all colors!

last Sat i was sitting on our driveway at 6am starting to groom my wriggly!!  she is pretty cooperative in this process!!  i never get it all perfect, but since Miss W is a 'tom-boy' dog, she will have her combed hair messy before i can put the clippers away!!  she loves to roll around on the carpet, floor... messy hair everyday!!!

i got a camera card so i can take more pics now.  will post some soon...

ok, back to the pink 'trinity'...

^)^ hawknitr13

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