June 7, 2013

good morning!

wriggly woke me at 5:40 this morning!  she jumps up on the bed, from her little bed on the floor beside me, and kisses me on my face every morning.  so cute!  then, either waits to have her tummy rubbed or sits on the floor patiently for about 2 seconds before beginning that low growl saying "get outta bed, g'ma!  it's morning & time to get up!"  so i climb out of bed, head for the 'loo room' and find a sweater to put on over my 'jams as the mornings are still chilly & damp!  it's JUNE and unseasonably cool & wet!  she lays on the cool tile floor while i make my first cuppa java, sit on the sofa and get my laptop opened up for the morning!  check my email, facebook and, now, here to put some thoughts in writing!  i love to type!  all those years of playing clarinet...i need to keep my fingers flexible!!

so this is my morning routine!  i'm thinking this blog will be a kind of private place where i can express my very simple style of language.  i'm not well read so do not possess a huge library of words.  i'm not an eloquent writer.  my thoughts are simple...as in St.Francis of Assisi's lifestyle.  my wriggly usually curls up on the other end of the sofa, which is only a 2-cushion love seat, while i'm 'lappin' here.  she is SO soft!  topknot on her head makes her look feminine!  she is a little 'busy-body'... always follows me in the house & does circles around g'pa's feet when he gets up from his recliner to go anywhere!!  g'pa says she is so attached to me she whines when i'm gone!  and BEG for treats??  she DOES beg!! but in such a cute way with her doggy voice that i am unable to not give in!   she LOVES veggies!!  except lettuce.  baby carrots, apples, red seedless grapes, dried cranberries, bananas, cooked rice, pea pods, sweet potatoes & chicken nuggets!  Beneful has veggies in it so more is good!!  i'm trying to keep her weight manageable and healthy!

wriggly has a few quirky behaviors...   she just went into the MB bath and came back dragging my tshirt & capris i wore yesterday to the great room in left them in front of me on the carpet!!  then lays down & goes back to sleep!  this is a regular occurrence!   is she telling me to get dressed and ready to take her out??  i think not when she is fast asleep again!

another 'habit' is grabbing the (bib)towel g'pa wears when eating in his recliner and checking it for food 'drops' at every mealtime!!  he gets nervous eating when she sits on the floor in front of him, waiting patiently for a 'handout'!!  she tends to jump up on his lap unexpectedly fast sometimes and causes some discomfort (you know where!)

but she is a great companion!  getting more well behaved every week!  LOVEs  people, a little wary of other dogs.  KNOWS that the UICCU bank teller always has a treat for her!! and loved the HyVee pharmacy drive-up tellers too!

YIKES!!!!  terry fell in the bedroom this morning trying to reach down to get his slipper from Wriggly... his sense of balance is fragile since being diagnosed with Parkinson's. i don't think he broke anything, but i'm sure he is sore!!  not going to Mass today... he is resting(sleeping) right now,  but i am going to knit with my best friend, Cindy during her lunch hour.  i want to show her the blue cotton baby blankie i just finished yesterday and the natural cotton Mystery of the Trinity prayer shawl i'm making for Jeannette, who came to my 1st meeting last May but can't knit due to Macular Degeneration in her eyes. she has recurring 'bouts of cancer ... but she is always in a pleasant, cheerful disposition whenever i see her in church!

i've decided to do this blog as my daily journal and draft it until evening when i'll post it.
i even figured out how to add a signature in a different font!

terry wants to go to Ethan's db-header tonight @ Regina (5:30).  he went last night to the varsity game and it rained suddenly!!  to be expected with the dark skies above but it was so sudden!!  got drenched before he got to the car... Evan was helping him with a huge umbrella!!!  thanks ev!!

good night and
God Bless ...

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